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Explore our at-home test kits to unlock the secret key to your body. If you are tired of miracle pills and ineffective diets, browse our test kits to discover a personal guide tailored to you.

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  • Choice-70-Food-Allergy-&-Sensitivity

    Choice 70 Food Allergy Sensitivity Kit


    Take our at-home allergen and intolerance kit to build an optimized diet plan based on your individual needs. With these results, the meal app is able to customize hundreds of meal plans for you, and for your convenience, the groceries can be shipped directly to your door.

  • Genetic DNA Testing

    Genetic DNA Testing


    Learn how your genetic makeup affects your diet and exercise. Discover what you are made of and create a more personalized wellness program to reach your goals faster.


    • 56 genetic markers tested
    • 22 traits scored
    • Food, nutrient and exercise recommendations
  • Hair Analysis Test Kit

    Hair Analysis Test Kit


    Suffering from symptoms like IBS, bloating, headaches or fatigue? The Premium 761 Hair Analysis kit is a comprehensive body health test of 800 items in an easy-to-use, home-to-lab hair sample test. This complete at-home hair analysis kit is designed to test for food sensitivities, non-food sensitivities, food additives, nutritional indicators, and metals. This full analysis will help create a more individualized diet and wellness program based on your specific body composition and health needs.

  • Prime-110-Food-Allergy-&-Sensitivity

    Prime 110: Food Allergy Sensitivity Test


    Suffering from undiagnosed symptoms and not sure if it’s due to allergies or food intolerances? The Prime 110 is an easy-to-use, home-test kit of 110 common allergies and intolerances. This comprehensive test will determine how your body reacts to some of the most common food and allergen items, helping to create a more personalized wellness program based on your own health needs.

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