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Dr. Micro supplements are designed with high-quality ingredients backed by science and research to set you up for long-term success. Our team of nutritionists and medical professionals have decades of experience improving people’s health with proven methods that provide visible, long-term results. We don’t do fad diets or promote miracle pills. Additionally, all our products go through rigorous quality testing protocols so that when you get started with our supplements and programs, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

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  • whey-isolate-chocolate-facts

    100% Whey Isolate Chocolate Protein Powder

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    Dr. Micronutrition’s Whey Isolate Chocolate Protein Powder has been expertly formulated to help you get closer to your weight and fitness goals. This chocolate-flavored whey protein supplement is designed to be easily digestible, contains high-quality, natural ingredients, and provides your system with the natural fuel you need to feel more balanced on the inside and out. Order our Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate Powder and enjoy a delicious drink low in calories and rich in high-quality, muscle-building protein!

  • whey-isolate-vanilla-facts

    100% Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder

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    Dr. Micronutrition’s Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder has been specially formulated to help you succeed in your fitness goals. This whey protein powder is engineered to be easily digestible, contains high-quality, natural ingredients, and provides your body with the essential nutrients you need to maintain lean muscle and enhance nutrient absorption. Get our Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder and enjoy a delicious shake with low calories and a potent serving of high-quality muscle-building protein!

  • Carb Attack Supplement to help with weight lossCarb Attack Supplement Back Label

    Carb Attack Supplement


    Our specially designed carb blocker supplement supports a healthy weight loss regimen by slowing carbohydrate absorption and reducing cravings. Additionally, integrating these carb blocker pills into your daily regimen may help slow sugar absorption, minimize carb cravings, and improve weight loss efforts when used as part of a comprehensive weight management program.

  • Complete Super Food Probiotic

    Complete Super Foods Probiotics


    This powerful nutritional green superfood powder combines our alkalizing blend of farm-fresh plant foods and a unique antioxidant profile to support your internal and external well-being in a completely natural way. This non-GMO, gluten-free supplement also contains powerful pre & probiotic and fiber blends, making it one of the best green superfood powders on the market today.

    Using this green superfood supplement may promote balanced digestion, gut health, and improve energy levels. Over time, its rich antioxidant content can help fight free radicals and harmful toxins, effectively restoring pH levels in your body.

  • EZ-DigestDigestive Enzyme Supplement Back Label

    Digestive Enzyme Supplement


    This dietary supplement contains a rich profile of enzymes to support healthy digestive functions. Our EZ Digest formula works by supplying the body with a unique blend of essential enzymes for digestive support. Daily use may enhance digestive functions, nutrient absorption, and various aspects of the immune system.


    Fast Track Supplement Stack

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    From: $199.00 / month

    This impressive supplement stack is designed for those following our Fast Track Program for quick weight loss. Each order comes with five (5) of our best-selling products to help you manage the different aspects of your weight loss regimen more efficiently. Our Fast Track Supplement Stack includes:

    • (1) Transform 30
    • (1) Muscle Balance
    • (1) Lipotropic Plus
    • (1) Gut Scrub
    • (1) Phentra-Lean (SF or XR)
  • Fast_Track_Stack_Month2_V1(Phentra-Lean XR)Fast_Track_Stack_Month2_V2(Phentra-Lean SF)

    Fast Track Supplement Stack (Month 2)

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    From: $175.00 / month

    This impressive supplement stack is designed for those following our Fast Track Program for quick weight loss. Each order comes with five (5) of our best-selling products to help you manage the different aspects of your weight loss regimen more efficiently. Our Fast Track Supplement Stack includes:

    • (1) Complete Super Food greens
    • (1) Phentra-Lean (SF or XR)
    • (1) Lipotropic Plus
    • (1) Glucose Stabilizer
    • (1) The Works
  • Glucos Stabilizer Supplement

    Glucose Stabilizer Supplement

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    Our Glucose Stabilizer capsules have been expertly formulated to promote healthy glucose absorption with daily use. Additionally, these blood glucose support supplements may support healthy metabolic function and may also enhance cardiovascular health. Made with high-quality ingredients to complement a healthy weight loss regimen, this formula is the best glucose support supplement on the market today.

  • Gut Scrub Colon CleanseGut Scrub Colon Cleanse Back Label

    Gut Scrub Colon Cleanse

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    Gut Scrub gentle colon cleanse supplement is a dietary formula expertly crafted to support a healthy colon and overall internal wellness. In addition to promoting colon health, this supplement may improve liver function, increase energy, and help with the removal of toxins. By supporting healthy colon and liver functions, this colon supplement can also relieve bloating, gas and aid in general weight loss efforts.

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    Healthy Essentials Stack

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    $89.98 $84.99

    This two-supplement bundle for balanced health is designed to enhance your everyday nutrition by providing a complete range of essential nutrients with every serving. Adding these essential supplements for health to your daily diet will improve your nutrient intake and promote more balanced digestion. Our healthy essentials stack can also support gut health and increased energy levels. The products in this bundle are essential supplements for men and essential supplements for women so that anyone can enjoy the benefits associated with this healthy essentials stack. Each order includes:

    • (1) The Works
    • (1) Complete Superfoods
  • Heart Health Supplement Facts

    Healthy Heart

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    Support natural energy levels and optimal cell function with our best-selling CoQ10 supplement. While our bodies naturally produce this compound, CoQ10 production tends to decrease with age, which is why we created the best CoQ10 supplement on the market today. This natural supplement supports a healthy heart, helps maintain healthy blood pressure, and may promote energy and stamina.

    In addition to CoQ10 benefits, our supplement is 100% gluten-free, vegan, and completely non-GMO.

  • Healthy Heart Supplement Back Label

    Heart/Bone Restore

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    Our signature bone and heart supplement is made with organic turmeric and patented BioPerine® for enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Daily use of this cardio supplement may promote heart health, maintain healthy joints, and support anti-aging in men and women.

    Our turmeric supplement for heart health is 100% non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.

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We know everybody is built differently, and that means each person has different needs. Our premium supplements and weight management programs are tailor-made to fit your lifestyle and meet your individual goals. Further, when our supplements and programs are paired with our genetic test and food allergy/sensitivity test, you should see even greater results and meal plans you will enjoy that are customized just for you. Additionally, our team consists of professionals with years of experience who will support you at every step of your journey through online coaching, customized meal plans, and reports on your progress, among other things.

All our products are made under strict protocols in the United States. Our supplements comply with the highest industry standards and regulations to ensure safe and effective formulas, as well as your peace of mind with every order.

Our supplements and programs are intended to provide personalized solutions for all types of users and lifestyles. Before ordering supplements and vitamins online, browse our individual product pages, or contact us to get personalized advice and guidance from our professional team to learn how our products can help you reach your specific health and weight management goals.