Weight Loss Supplements

Our best-selling weight loss supplements are backed by science and our team of nutritionists to safely and effectively aid you in your weight loss journey. If you are frustrated with your current weight loss efforts and tired of all the fad diets out there, we invite you to explore our collection of dietary supplements and weight loss programs to kickstart a healthy and safe weight loss regimen you can feel confident about.

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  • whey-isolate-vanilla-facts

    100% Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder

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    Dr. Micronutrition’s Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder has been specially formulated to help you succeed in your fitness goals. This whey protein powder is engineered to be easily digestible, contains high-quality, natural ingredients, and provides your body with the essential nutrients you need to maintain lean muscle and enhance nutrient absorption. Get our Whey Isolate Vanilla Protein Powder and enjoy a delicious shake with low calories and a potent serving of high-quality muscle-building protein!

  • Carb Attack Supplement to help with weight lossCarb Attack Supplement Back Label

    Carb Attack Supplement


    Our specially designed carb blocker supplement supports a healthy weight loss regimen by slowing carbohydrate absorption and reducing cravings. Additionally, integrating these carb blocker pills into your daily regimen may help slow sugar absorption, minimize carb cravings, and improve weight loss efforts when used as part of a comprehensive weight management program.

  • Lipotropic-PlusLipotropic Plus Back Label

    Lipotropic Plus


    By definition, a lipotropic substance improves your ability to lose fat by decreasing the deposit and speeding up the removal of fat within the liver. Our signature Lipotropic Plus supplement helps stimulate healthier fat utilization (the breakdown of fat) during metabolic processes, reducing excess fat in the liver and other tissues.

  • Muscle-BalanceMuscle Balance Supplement Back Label

    Muscle Balance Supplement

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    Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you should lose muscle tone and mass along with it. Muscle Balance is a hypoallergenic formula made with a proprietary blend of amino acids for optimal protein support. This fat loss and muscle tone supplement is designed to promote muscle health when following a cardio/training program. Muscle Balance may be taken on its own, though It is recommended to be used in conjunction with our Fast Track program (strict calorie intake) to maintain healthy muscle support during weight loss. Add Muscle Balance to your regimen and discover why it’s one of the best supplements for low muscle tone on the market today.

  • Phentra Lean XR (Stimulant)

    Phentra Lean XR (Stimulant)


    Our stimulant Phentra-Lean XR fat-burning formula is the perfect addition to any weight loss and workout regimen. This metabolism and energy boosting supplement may enhance your body’s thermogenic ability and control appetite, effectively working to increase fat-burning in a natural way. If you are looking to complement your weight loss regimen and workout routine, try our Phentra-Lean XR and discover why it’s one of the best supplements to boost energy and burn fat available today.

  • Phentra-Lean-SFPhentra-lean Sf Non-stimulant Back Label

    Phentra-Lean SF (Non-Stimulant)


    Our Phentra-Lean SF fat-burning supplement is the perfect addition to any weight loss regimen. This non-stimulant formula may enhance your body’s thermogenic ability and support appetite control, effectively boosting your metabolism and increasing fat-burning. If you are looking to shed a few extra pounds, try our Phentra-Lean SF and discover why it’s one of the best fat-burning supplements available today.

  • Total Thyroid SupplementTotal Thyroid Supplement Facts

    Total Thyroid Supplement

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    Our Total Thyroid capsules have been specially formulated to support thyroid health in a natural way. Daily use of this supplement may also help enhance energy levels and assist in maintaining a healthy metabolism. Our Total Thyroid capsules are non-GMO, vegan, and 100% gluten-free.

  • Transform 30 Fat Melting SupplementTransform 30 Fat-Melting Supplement Back Label

    Transform 30 Fat Melting Supplement

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    Our best-selling supplement to melt body and belly fat is an innovative HCG alternative designed to be used in conjunction with our specific low-calorie meal plan. Our Transform 30 fat-melting supplement works by increasing metabolic activity, reducing appetite, and melting unwanted fat in the body.

  • Vegan Protein Powder

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    This premium, innovative plant-powered protein powder is formulated with a specific blend of the best vegan protein consisting of quinoa, brown rice, and pea isolate. Naturally sweetened and dairy-free, our protein powder makes meal replacement easy. It will help to increase your daily intake of protein, fiber, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients in a safe and natural way. Simply mix one serving with almond milk, oatmeal, or crushed-up cereal for a healthy meal to nourish and energize your body.

  • vitamin-k2-and-d3-facts

    Vitamin K2 and D3 Supplement

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    This all-natural supplement is the smartest way to meet your daily vitamin K needs and get easy access to other essential vitamins and minerals. Made with high-quality vitamin K2 and D3 vitamins to support the immune system, assist with blood circulation, and promote strong bones and a healthy heart. This premium supplement is lactose-free, gluten-free, and lab-tested at third-party laboratories, so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the purest, high-quality vitamin D3 and K2 supplement on the market today.

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Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements That Work

Our natural weight loss supplements are formulated with high-quality ingredients and designed to set you up for long-term success, not just temporary fat loss. All the products we offer are backed by medical professionals and nutritionists with decades of experience helping people reach their weight loss goals. We don’t do trendy diets or miracle, cure-all pills. All our dietary supplements go through strict quality testing and manufacturing processes, so you can rest assured that you are getting medically proven weight loss supplements you can trust when you order from us.

Find the Best Diet Supplements for Your Goals

We offer a wide variety of the best natural supplements for weight loss to help with different aspects of a balanced and healthy weight loss program. Each of our products are expertly formulated to serve a specific purpose, so you can choose the options that best meet your specific needs and objectives. Whether you are looking to melt away unwanted fat or merely trying to reduce cravings, our weight loss supplements may be able to help.

Our diet supplements yield the best results when used as part of a comprehensive weight management program that includes a healthy meal plan and exercise routine. If you are not sure which of our supplements is best for you or want to learn more about a weight loss program for your goals, we recommend getting in touch with us and talking to one of our nutrition professionals. Our team can provide you with personalized online support and guidance to ensure you get the results you want.

Why Choose Our Weight Loss Supplements?

Our team is committed to real solutions backed by science and research so that you can safely adjust your lifestyle and improve your overall quality of life over time. We work hard to keep integrity and honesty at the core of our operation. We continuously strive for excellence by being fully transparent about everything we do and all the products we offer. Additionally, we like to expand on this commitment to transparency by always making ourselves available to answer any questions you may have.

Weight Loss Supplements FAQ

Yes, every supplement we offer is tested to ensure that they meet all industry regulations and the highest safety and quality standards. To learn how our supplements can support your specific weight loss goals, you can get in touch with us to get personalized guidance from professional nutritionists.

If you are new to our products or weight loss supplements in general, our products can be a great option to get started. However, if you are not entirely sure which of our supplements is best for you, we recommend that you contact our team or consult with your physician.

Because everybody is built differently, exact results will inevitably vary from person to person. Having said that, those who stay committed to one of our complete weight loss programs may lose up to 3lbs per week or up to 1lb per day depending on the program you choose.

All of our supplements are made in the United States under the strictest manufacturing protocols. Our products comply with all industry standards and regulations, ensuring safe products with every order.